You know… you worry about what stupid things your kids might do when they are away from you… until that is, your idiot websites for meeting sluts husband goes on a golf vacation with his idiot buddies and accepts a dare if you are wanting to find a fuck to lay down next to an alligator.

Just look at him – note he’s not even looking at the alligator. I wonder how fast his 48 year old body can move – in his 25 year old mind.

Today I had one of those moments I call my “Lucy Moments”.

The bathroom drain was clogged and I told Shane, “Oh, I can fix it.”  because let’s face it, I’m awesome and can handle a clog.  So I first plunged it.  Over and over with goop flying out – to no avail – still clogged.

Hmmmmm.  Okay, bleach.  I poured some bleach in there and it fizzed and bubbled and spit up a bunch of nasty krud.  Still didn’t drain.

Okay!, she thinks… get a coat hanger for free hookup app a man outside of your marriage and snake the drain!  And that’s when it began.  I poked a hole through the damned pipe.  Black nasty water trickled out.

I sat bewildered – staring at the drain.  Oh… what’s that I see?  There’s some greenish bumpy stuff on the other pipe… hmmmm I wonder what that is!  Let’s touch it and scrape it with my nail, I think to myself.

As I’m doing that, my pinger POKES through the pipe and like hell spitting up an unwanted soul – chunks of bleach soaked nasty bits of-God-knows-how-many-years-worth of clog – literall SPEWED out at me!  Have you ever seen a if you want to meet a teen right now?  It was a lot like that.

Calling our friend the plumber.
And… ruined a good towel.

Hey everyone!  Guess what, I’m still alive, lol!  But where have you been, I hear you asking!  Oh my gosh, I’ve been so busy!  With the early Spring came an early start on our window cleaning season and so far we’re off to a pretty good start.

Even more new and exciting news… we’re starting another business!  Well you do know that we have that money pit of a building that – in this crappy economy – is nearly impossible to sell.  We had a renter for a couple years who decided to up and leave.  I originally found out by googling a phone number she called me from and finding an ad on Craigs list that stated she was selling a dining room table “because she’s moving next week”.  Nice.  Long story short, that week turned into three months without a penny of rent.  Even nicer.

Sorry I got off track, my exciting news!  We’re going to open a resale store in the empty building!  We’re calling it “Junk and Disorderly” because let’s face it, it’s a resale shop and we’re just humorous people so did you expect anything but something funny?  ha! We’ve got the opening soon sign in the window and putting on the finishing touches.  We hope to open sometime maybe mid-April.  Ironically I was contacted a week or so ago by my friends at (I love that place) and they asked if I’d like to order a sign and blog about it.  *shhhhYEAH!*

I got two cool Junk and Disorderly signs to go into my A-Frame sign holder thingy for the sidewalk in front of the store.  I also ordered new magnetic signs for our truck for our window cleaning biz.  The last signs we ordered from another company (one of those -try one free deals, LOL. Don’t.) fell apart after a couple hot summer days and some hand car washes.  Not good.  Not good at all.

Since I’ve received product from Build-A-Sign before, I knew the quality.  The magnetic signs are not only great looking, but nice and thick (none of that flimsy stuff that’ll blow off when you’re driving).  Also, their signs can be washed and washed (and washed and washed, lol) without ruining them.  Which is um… nice.

I never ordered signs for the a-frame sign holder before but these are very nice too!  Sturdy corrugated plastic.  Which means they can be in the rain and not get ruined.  They can also sit in the sun and not be ruined.  Since signs are one of the single most important things about advertising your business, it makes good sense to buy quality signage.  Which is why I shop at .  I want to get something once, and not have to worry about it.  The fact that they asked me to blog about their product is just and extra added bonus.  (Oh!  and it was created and shipped very quickly too.  Another nice thing!)