Things that piss me off

People who own pets and leave them outside all the time no matter what the weather is.  Jerks.  Why be a pet owner if you don’t let them inside to play and bond?  Why??!!??

When…an hour after licking leftover batter in a mixing bowl…I answered the door…carried on a 3 minute conversation with the politician at the door…then came back inside to have one of my kids ask me…”What is that?  Is that chocolate on your chin??”  (And yes, yes it was a large swath of chocolate.  On.  My.  Chin.

When you take your WELL child for a physical….and there’s a sick waiting room and a well waiting room….but the mothers with sick kids let their mucas producers hack all over the well room area.  Nasty.  Just nasty.

Those stupid automated dial calls!  OMG…you pick up the phone and there’s a long pause.  Hello?  Hello?  Then a human comes on to pitch something.  For God’s sake…how lazy are they getting?  So now when I hear the pause, I hang up. If it’s not worth their time to dial, it’s not worth mine to wait for the caller to announce themselves.

When groceries go up because of the cost of fuel, but don’t seem to go back down when fuel costs drop.

People who don’t see what is happening in the world around them.  Read ‘We Need A Revolution’.

Stupid government people.  People we elect on promises that they will ‘change the way DC operates.’  They will ‘get rid of pork and greed’.  And then they fall.  They fall right into a fist full of dollars.  It’s sick.  It’s sad.  It’s how it is.

Can someone PLEASE tell me why there are crunchy things in macaroni salad?  Potato salad?  There is no need for crunchies I tell ya, no need!

Paying the same amount of property tax on my house even as values go down.  You have to fill a form out and be evaluated to reverse this, yet they can raise it anytime they want to.

People who don’t give a courteous little wave when you let them in front of you in heavy traffic.

The lady who lives behind me and feeds the stray cats…thus multiplying them over the last few years.

When reporters are asking the family of a murdered person, “How does this make you feel?”  (Duh, moron, how do you think they feel??????)

All the junk literature from colleges seeking to entice my daughter.

When I run over a sock with the vacuum cleaner and it breaks the belt.

When you put in $20 in gas and the pump slows to a crawl at $19.50.

When I finally get my pool completely clear just in time to close it for the season.

People in the grocery store that cough/sneeze without covering their mouth.  Nasty!

Remember when you could fill up your tires for free at the gas station?  Free AIR, what a concept!  I paid .75 cents today for my air.

Why is it that men take price tags off new clothes and then let the tags just sit there?  Are they going to use them again someday?
Nope….the maid (that would be me) throws them away.

Why can’t anyone but mom ever clean the toilet?  We ALL USE the thing, why can’t we take turns cleaning it?

Do people think there is a magical fairy that empties the bathroom garbage?
Well…there isn’t!

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  1. :-) Sounds much like my rant! Funny to read, but not so funny to experience!

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